About MetalSkills

Metalskills is an experienced staffing company dedicated to providing exceptionally skilled tradesmen and staffing services for our clients.

MetalskillsOur company began more than 25 years ago, when President Gene Crook owned and operated a machining, fabricating, and assembly business. As that business grew, he personally interviewed and employed more than 500 metalworkers, including welders, CNC machinists, toolmakers, fabricators, CAD operators, and other skilled workers. Employees were trained to machine complex parts, perform X-Ray welds, make tooling, and build custom machinery for Fortune 100 companies. With a thorough method of interviewing, testing, and screening candidates, he developed a highly motivated and skilled workforce.

From those many years of experience in the metalworking field came Metalskills. We’re an expert staffing service that understands your needs. It has been our experience that it takes a lot of valuable time and money to test and train prospective employees, and that’s why Metalskills makes sense. Our solution is to find the right talent and virtually eliminate this expense to our customers, meanwhile ensuring that we help them quickly employ trained workers for the job.

After 25 years, we continue to strive to become the best staffing company in the metalworking field.

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